When scaling your account performance, it's essential to think about
Account Strategy Building 🤜 Account Management 🤜 Account Analysis

In this article we'll focus on automating your account (management) and how you can analyze your data to enhance your results.   

  1. Automation tactics (Account Management) 

There are always ad sets/ads that don't perform and should be shut off immediately. On the other hand there are Ad sets/ads in which you should surf the budget instantly and sometimes you may miss the opportunity to do so.  

Madgicx Automation tactics:  

  1. Select multiple Ad buying automation rules & practices into a single tactic or with custom automation, multiple tactics in one. 
  2. Optimize your account in real time since Madgicx rules are set to trigger in real time
  3. Set up dynamic rules to ensure you're aligned with your account through it's ups and downs.  

These tactics save you a ton of account management time, and allow you to automatically optimize your account performance. 👇

2. Analyze and Scale ( Account Analysis/ Account Strategy Building )

Acquisition, Retargeting Retention, 

It's essential to launch our full funnel strategy * see this article for more information about that. 

In addition to launching our ARR audience funnel, You want to be able to analyze your results across these 3 segments and the best way to do so is through the Madgicx dashboard. 

Your ARR dashboard will be your best friend when it comes to easily identifying your strengths and weaknesses across Acquisition, Re-targeting and Retention, and it will help you understand where your conversions are coming from. (Our software uses AI technology to understand how your audience should be segmented across ARR)

Analyzing your account becomes a lot easier through the Madgicx graphs, and proper and simple analyzing is a key element in developing a winning strategy when launching new audiences and allocating budgets.


3. Refine your Ads (Account Analysis)

You can have the best strategy and product but If your Ads aren't performing well, it all becomes redundant process. 

In this case you can gain insights about your creatives through the creative insights and the creative clusters tools. Through these tools you can easily analyze your results according to metrics like ROAS and CTR, compare your creatives accordingly and improve your results by refreshing your Ads. Use your best performing creative insights to continue producing ads with similar texts and/or creatives.   

Find those ad copy & creative combinations in creative clusters that have the potential to crush it and make sure they get the budget they deserve.

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