eRFM Visitor Module

A key feature of the eRFM audiences is the unique ability to optimize audiences by automatically generating multiple duplications of the same selected eRFM audiences (with slight changes in recency frequency and monetary value) and after 24 hours to 3 days of delivery, the software will pick the top performing one and use it as the audiences for the ad set.

AOV- Average Order Value 

This Module uses information from your pixel to determine lookalike audiences based on visitors to your site. These audiences will be broken down into 18 different audience types.

The 18 audience types will be combinations of the following 3 aspects.

  1. Low, Medium, and High AOV
  2. Infrequent, Occasional, and Frequent
  3. High Purchase Intent and those without

**Frequent, Occasional, or Infrequent Audiences represent the quantity in which the user performed a selected engagement.

There are visitors who are more valuable to your business than others. Some visitors leave after a couple of seconds, whereas others deeply engage with your page and show high intent to perform the desired action. 

Using the Frequent High AOV Potential Visitor Audience, you can build a segment of your most frequent visitors who demonstrated the highest intent to convert. 

These audiences tend to perform significantly better since the custom data we use to build the look-alike audience is made up of visitors with high quality traits, and due to the special optimization, takes place outside of Facebook's platform.

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