So you advertise for an eCommerce shop and you don't know where do start?
This one's for you.

In the middle of the blue ocean, we don't know where the fish are.
We want to cast the net as broad as possible to see where the fish are - and then we can keep on scaling in these directions.

Essentially what it mean when we speak about execution, we want to start with prospecting Look-A-Like audiences Acquisition.

 As you can see, there's a lot of options.. we recommend testing as many angles as possible. 

 This is the most macro question.
Is the customer segment?
Is the video viewer segment?
Is the visitor segment?
Which one is going to drive the results for you?

Then we like to test whether quantity or quality of data will make the difference.

We recommend launching Infrequent Silver Value Customers from the one edge of the scale, and from the other side Infrequent Platinum Value Customers. 

This gives you from one hand the deepest customer segment and from the other hand the broadest customer segment.

Now we ask 3 more macro questions 

  1. Is the customer going to work?
  2. Is the quantity going to work?
  3. Is the quality going to work?

After a while you can already figure out which approach is best for you and you can scale on it and stop burning money. 

Now that you're covered, Let's look at where to continue our strategy. 

Then it's all about reengagement... again - we want to test different angels.
Work with Retargeting, build the basic retargeting funnel.
Our recommendation is Recent visitors 0-30, All high intent visitors 0-30, All visitors 30-180 and All high intent visitors 30-180.

 So you have a full retargeting system and then you can test the performance uplift of retargeting people to visit you multiple times and then people who spent time considering for more than 3 minutes.

This can give you a great micro picture which you can see where your quality audience is and then easily scale on that. 

For Retention go with and launch Basic Retention you'll last 180 days, have a full retention system, and now you are good to go. 

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