Meet the Dashboard!
On the dashboard, which is frequently used as 'The Advertiser Cockpit,' you can see your main KPI's, spending, ROAS etc.
The main functions of the dashboard are divided into three segments:

  1. Acquisition - Expanding and reaching new crowds
  2. Re-Targeting - Reaching those who almost made the conversion
  3. Retention - Making new sales to previous buyers

This is a method that is used among the most successful agencies in the world. It helps you keep track of your advertisements in the best possible way.

You're able to change the time frame by filtering using the drop-down box at the top right corner of your screen as shown below:

You can change your KPI's by pressing the black arrow next to each category as shown below:

The second segment in the dashboard, called the Strategy Status Overview, is where you can compare different metrics and have a quick look at how your campaigns are doing. To change one of the metrics, press on the black arrow as shown below.

Example for using the Strategy Status Overview:
You can see we chose to compare ROAS and Amount Spent in order to understand where we are overspending, under-spending, and whether or not the scaling is profitable or successful.   

If you see that your performance has dropped and you want to figure out why, scroll down a little to Strategy Statuses Drilldown.
Drilldown is the first multi-dimension analysis tool that helps you determine what metrics are causing the drop in performance. You can change metrics by pressing the black arrow as shown below:

Last but not least is the Total Revenue segment; which displays your total revenue.

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